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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Talking about my g..g..generation

This week in class we were talking about motivation. How do marketers motivate us to buy their products and then become part of their big happy family. One way is to show affiliation- how the product makes you part of a desired group. Pepsi has been doing it for years. Their latest really takes us through the different g...g..generations!

A little nostalgia for everyone. Just a reminder though- one can has about 8 teaspoons of sugar. If you have a can hanging around and you don't want to drink it, pop a cup in the toilet bowl, let sit for a bit and no need for Mr Clean.

Here's the commercial slotted for the Superbowl. Dylan and Will.I.Am..more nostalgia and rebel, rebel

Pepsi as the rebel kinda funny... Stuart Elliot reports, "In reality, the Pepsi-Cola parent, PepsiCo, was led at the time by Donald Kendall, a friend of Richard M. Nixon’s, and the soft drink was considered the Republican soda."

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