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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Would you believe e-cigarettes? Canseco and Bonaduce and credibility

What is it that costs about $140, looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette, glows like a cigarette, and contains nicotine like a cigarette, but is not a cigarette?

Well it's an e-cigarette, silly.

Invented in China several years ago the e-cigarette is actually a stainless steel tube that when puffed on emits a vaporizing solution which may contain nicotine. When you take a drag a computer aided sensor activates a heating element that creates the mist. The mist can be inhaled and comes in a variety of flavours.

It is being marketed on the internet and at mall kiosks as a smoking deterrent by a Florida company with the aid of former baseball player Jose Canseco.

Supporters say it's like a cigarette but without all the harmful chemicals, and they say it can wean you off nicotine. Since it is tobacco that is illegal in bars, these people say you can smoke the e-cigarette anywhere you choose.

Detractors disagree with these assumptions suggesting that it encourages a culture of smoking and question the claims that it is harmless or if it would help someone quit.

The US Food and Drug Administration may be on the verge of pulling the product from the market because they consider it a drug and as such it would need FDA approval.

So what's so bad about the e-cigarette?

How about this- one of the main ingredients in the e-cig is propylene glycol, which is used in everything from Hollywood smoke machines to food colouring to hydraulic fluids. Yumm!

When asked about the criticisms company vice president, Eitan Peer proclaimed,

"The mist is mostly water. It has to be better for you than smoking. It's been approved by doctors. We've been on Fox News. We've been on The Howard Stern Show.' Our spokesmen are Jose Canseco and Danny Bonaduce."

Ha ha ha ...imagine when your claims for credibility are Fox News, Howard Stern, Jose Canseco, and Danny Bonaduce!

O What is says!


qatarguest said...

How about Dr Murray Laugeson of Health New Zealand? Or Paul Bergen of the Tobacco Harm Reduction Project?

qatarguest said...

Also a 140 dollars is very expensive for an e-cigarett kit!! You should be looking to spend less than half that.

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