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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coming to a webscreen- Brianstorm and Altoids

According to the description in YouTube Brianstorm is "an original, short-form scripted comedy series that follows Ben, an art director at Yogurt, a struggling ad agency on the brink of collapse. Along with his band of quirky colleagues, Ben tries to save the agency by landing the Altoids account, which means working with the agencys new freelancer- self-proclaimed ad-wizard and Bens former colleague and nemesis- Rock Shanz."

A series of webisodes, "The series is the brainchild of Mr. Wallen, a former agency exec on the creative side of the business. Inspired by the growing popularity of TV shows set in office environments, he sought to weave a narrative around the back story behind client pitches and campaign work. " ""Brainstorm" will make its debut Sept. 28 on, and more than a week later will be distributed to outlets such as YouTube and MySpace and through mobile providers AT&T, Sprint and others."(Advertising Age)

See the trailer here

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