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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ray-Ban Colour goes Pop!

Here's the latest from Ray-Ban and their Never Hide campaign. In Psychology of Consumer Behaviour we talk about how we are engaged by the senses. Check out the colour, sound and patriotic theme in this one.

A little resonance to the Sony Bravia paint commercial of 2006.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flash Mob- It's Hammertime!

I love a flash mob anytime even if it's people wearing MC Hammer pants. To create a buzz for its new docudrama Hammertime (everything you wanted to know and didn't want to know about what MC Hammer is doing and thinking) A&E staged a flash mob amongst a crowd of unsuspecting Los Angeles shoppers. The mob featured all ages and shapes of dancers decked out in gold lame parachute pants dancing in sync to "U Can't Touch This."

And if you want more Hammer, they have a website promoting interaction and the upcoming series

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Barbie Fooseball- Game on!

Barbie, always one to spark a controversy, has landed right in the middle of it again. Recently she was in the news with her 50th birthday and her latest iteration who comes with tattoos for her and her real life little friends.

There was even a group of culture jammers called the Barbie Liberation Organization who banded together in 1989 to protest Teen Talk Barbie. A talking Barbie was the last straw especially one who said, "Math is hard." "I love shopping." and "Will we ever have enough clothes?'

To fight back the BLO switched the voice boxes of Teen Talk Barbie with those of Talking Duke GI Joe.

Suddenly GI Joe was saying, "Let's plan our dream wedding." and Barbie spouted appropriately, "Vengeance is mine!"

Now comes Foosball Barbie, the brainchild of artist Chloe Ruchon who created the game for the International Design Festival in Berlin.

You'd think that Mattel would have protested about armless Barbies being used to knock about a ball, but no this was done in collaboration with Mattel.

What could it possibly mean? According to the designer it's meant to, "stimulate thoughts about different mentalities and the predigested everyday ideas we commonly face." OK

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Day the Media Died - Mad Avenue Blues

From Media Post these quotes, "'A work of genius,' one agency exec called it. 'Not sure if it's hilarious or makes me want to hang myself,' said another. 'Who the heck had the time to do this?" said a third.'"

ain't it the truth

Monday, June 8, 2009

Boone Oakley- Ad agency skips website goes YouTube

Independent Charlotte ad agency Boone Oakley has put its entire presence on YouTube instead of a website. David Oakley says, "We needed a new way to tell our story, and today the best forum for a story is YouTube, where we can use narration and really crappy animation."


Moon Landing- Luxury Luggage - Louis Vuitton?

What do the 40th anniversary of the Moon landing and over-priced luxury leather company Louis Vuitton have in common? Well if we listen to Louis here," Some journeys change mankind forever."

There's something more than slightly disturbing in this seemingly beautiful ad.

What glasses can do

This one from Helsinki is kind of cute. A man takes the same tram everyday, but because of his bad eye-glasses he totally misses a beautiful lady who is interested in him. An optician travelling in the same tram notices the situation and decides to help.

Even when we can see, we all see things differently!

Friday, June 5, 2009

From Camel News Caravan to Starbuck's Morning Joe

The first news to have film pictures was NBC's Camel News Caravan. Newsman John Cameron Swayze could be seen on set smoking Camels. Before the broadcast began, an ad man would replace everyone's cigarettes with Camels. Since that time we realized that news should not be blatantly sponsored. Of course there would be ads between breaks but they were not attached to the newscast. Here's a clip of John Cameron Swayze's Camel News Caravan.

Fast forward to today 2009 and surprise, surprise NBC news is once again sponsored. OK, it's debatable if it is "news." Morning Joe MSNBC's morning show which pretends to be news has now sold its soul to Starbucks for a reported $10 million deal.

“It’s an utter abrogation of journalistic standards,” said one news executive. Another said it's just a “continuation of the whoring” of a medium that long ago became beholden to the tangled interests of corporate parents.

See Joe and Mika having orgasms over their coffee here

What it says- what it means...the news is "the news can be bought"..maybe that isn't news?

Post Script. It's the Monday following this post and I am watching Morning Joe (tagline - brewed by Starbucks) Joe Scarborough is droning on and on and on about how all journalists are liberal..and he is one of the few and on he goes about how he is different and objective all the while sipping his Starbucks...too rich for words!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's a Recession and You've been Typed

M&C Saatchi‘s ‘Reacting to Recession' worldwide study, conducted from the Fall of 2008 through the Spring of 2009 looked into the behaviours of consumers in this recessionary period and have come up with 8 different types of consumers.

For your reading pleasure, see if you can find your type.

1. Crash Dieters
26% of adults want to identify and cut out all non-essential spending until things improve. Crash Dieters are cash orientated and debt frightens them.Working and living week to week they'll take action when the money runs out.

2. Scrimpers
13% of adults want to maintain their lifestyle and are reluctant to make sacrifices. Their strategy is to down trade rather than cut out by switching to lower priced brands and cheaper stores.

3. Abstainers
15% are maintaining their lifestyle and still spending day to day They postpone big purchases but aren't budgeting or searching the lowest prices. Not motivated by coupons, they are open to buy now pay later with interest free credit and 0% credit cards.

4. Balancers
9% are reluctant to compromise on quality of life, but recognize the need to balance their budgets. They prefer to rob Peter to pay Paul by sacrifice rather than compromise.

5. Treaters
12% are similar to Crash Dieters, but not good at it. It's not easy to cut back, but they know they must so they reward themselves with regular small treats. These are an opportunity for marketers in cross-category as they cut one thing but go for another.

6. Justifiers
12%, are a target for marketers.They are happy to spend, but looking for a good reason. Motivated by limited offers, new models, added value to help justify a purchase, they line up to buy the latest tech gadget and justify the purchase.

7. The Ostrich
9% feel unaffected by the financial chill are spending usual. Some are well paid others are in denial. They are a younger carefree group who happy to use credit cards. great for the economy as long as they do not reach crisis stage.

8. The Vultures
4%, are quite distinctive in that they love a good economic crash. While others suffer, they circle to make a killing on the bargains by eyeing the property market and profiting from others' misfortune.

Source : Media Post, Research Brief: Coping With Recession

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Information Overload Syndrome?- It's Viral

How do you get people talking about Xerox? It's not really water cooler material. Well how about a viral video, and a website where you can send a personalized message and video to a friend who may also be suffering from, "Information Overload Syndrome."
"The very information meant to inform us is actually making us STUPID! It's affecting millions of business people. Is IOS affecting you?"

Visit the website here