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Friday, November 6, 2009

iPhone users are Mean? Oh no!

According to a company called Retrevo, iPhone users are not nice. In their "Gadgetology study" on the typical iPhone user, they find:

  • One in three iPhone owners has texted or emailed their significant other to break up.

  • One in four iPhone users has broken up with their partner because that person spent too much time on their mobile device.

  • One in three iPhone owners say that, if their partner had out-of-date gadgets, it would be a turnoff.

  • One in five iPhone owners admits to frequently watching "adult material" on their iPhones. (Twice as many as BlackBerry owners).

  • When iPhone owners asked, "What makes a person most attractive to you?" iphone owners preferred cool gadgets over a college degree 3 to 1.

  • Compared with other cell users iPhone owners are more likely to see themselves as media buffs, extroverts and intellectuals

    For more info see Retrevo site

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