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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Paris Hilton causes a stir in Brazil-- "Very Irreverent, Very Blonde, Very Devassa?

Is Brazilian Devassa Beer commercial with Paris Hilton too sexy even for Brazil? There are currently three investigations going on in Brazil about Devassa's marketing campaign.

One investigation is based on a consumer complaint about the sensual nature of the ad.

See it here:

The second inquiry is question whether their website is encouraging excessive consumption. On the website and Hilton slinks around in kingerie and a top hat.

According to AdAge, "The launch of the Devassa Bem Loura extension of the Devassa brand started as a TV and online teaser campaign about a mysterious blonde, and the beer marketer spread the word Bem Misteriosa on Twitter. The website featured a keyhole that grew as people tweeted #bemmisteriosa, finally revealing Paris Hilton, a celebrity guest at Carnival in the beer marketer's VIP box at the samba school parade in Rio de Janeiro"

The third investigation was launched by a Womens' Affairs group complaining that the site is sexist.

The result of the investigations so far.... lots of media attention!!!!!!

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