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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Barbie Fooseball- Game on!

Barbie, always one to spark a controversy, has landed right in the middle of it again. Recently she was in the news with her 50th birthday and her latest iteration who comes with tattoos for her and her real life little friends.

There was even a group of culture jammers called the Barbie Liberation Organization who banded together in 1989 to protest Teen Talk Barbie. A talking Barbie was the last straw especially one who said, "Math is hard." "I love shopping." and "Will we ever have enough clothes?'

To fight back the BLO switched the voice boxes of Teen Talk Barbie with those of Talking Duke GI Joe.

Suddenly GI Joe was saying, "Let's plan our dream wedding." and Barbie spouted appropriately, "Vengeance is mine!"

Now comes Foosball Barbie, the brainchild of artist Chloe Ruchon who created the game for the International Design Festival in Berlin.

You'd think that Mattel would have protested about armless Barbies being used to knock about a ball, but no this was done in collaboration with Mattel.

What could it possibly mean? According to the designer it's meant to, "stimulate thoughts about different mentalities and the predigested everyday ideas we commonly face." OK

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