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Friday, June 5, 2009

From Camel News Caravan to Starbuck's Morning Joe

The first news to have film pictures was NBC's Camel News Caravan. Newsman John Cameron Swayze could be seen on set smoking Camels. Before the broadcast began, an ad man would replace everyone's cigarettes with Camels. Since that time we realized that news should not be blatantly sponsored. Of course there would be ads between breaks but they were not attached to the newscast. Here's a clip of John Cameron Swayze's Camel News Caravan.

Fast forward to today 2009 and surprise, surprise NBC news is once again sponsored. OK, it's debatable if it is "news." Morning Joe MSNBC's morning show which pretends to be news has now sold its soul to Starbucks for a reported $10 million deal.

“It’s an utter abrogation of journalistic standards,” said one news executive. Another said it's just a “continuation of the whoring” of a medium that long ago became beholden to the tangled interests of corporate parents.

See Joe and Mika having orgasms over their coffee here

What it says- what it means...the news is "the news can be bought"..maybe that isn't news?

Post Script. It's the Monday following this post and I am watching Morning Joe (tagline - brewed by Starbucks) Joe Scarborough is droning on and on and on about how all journalists are liberal..and he is one of the few and on he goes about how he is different and objective all the while sipping his Starbucks...too rich for words!

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