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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Journalists get pranked -The Yes Men Guerrilla Guys Strike again

Craving for instant breaking news to fill 24 hour news networks, journalists are getting easier and easier to prank. On Monday at the National Press Club in Washington, a news conference took place. What news organizations believed was that they were seeing the US Chamber of Commerce break news that it was reversing its position on climate change. "Without a stable climate, there will be no business," the speaker said.

Instantly as it was happening the message was conveyed first by Reuters followed quickly by the New York Times and in live analysis by Fox News. By this time the Real Chamber of Commerce became aware of the situation and broke into the press conference denying any policy change. The prankster was revealed as Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men. The Chamber of Commerce is threatening to sue the Yes Men, of course and the Yes Men couldn't be more delighted-how better to ensure the cause gets more press.

What it says, what it means...people believe guys in suits, among other things!

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