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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Way to Go Pepsi-You are as sexist as Axe

Hey guys want to learn how to pick up 24 different types of chicks? Well it's easy just download Pepsi's new iPhone app "Amp Up Before You Score,"
You can learn how to pick up a treehugger or a married woman and brag abut your conquests.

Adage reports that the approach is similar to Axe's Dirty Night Determinator mobile game that "helped users calculate how dirty their night was going to get by asking about a woman's age, moral standing, body type and occupation."

The Amp brand owned by Pepsi posted an apology on twitter, but haven't pulled the app. The apology was also posted to Pepsi's twitter feed. Read more on this story Ad Age . Read more about the Dirty Terminator campaign on Branding Unbound

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