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Friday, March 18, 2011

Times Square Video Hack isn't What We Think.

Almost a million and a half views in 5 days the video "How to hack video screens on times square" is probably something we'd all like to believe.

For all those who want to believe it's true, think again. James Perceley and Michael Krivicka founders of Thinkmondo produced the video to promote the new movie Limitless. The video does not mention the movie. According to the Tanzina Vega's NY Times article Viral Videos Catch On That Only Hint of Sponsor's Purpose, marketers want to attract viewers on social nets without overtly pushing products.
In the video the man hacking the billboard buys a red balloon to which he attaches his hacking device. The balloon floats across a video trailer for the film Limitless and changes its content.
Read more in the NYTimes article here.

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