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Saturday, January 31, 2009

If you sit next to this guy?

Gee I'm glad I love my job. When I see ads like this one for Career Builder, I'm reminded how lucky I am.

..and very glad I don't sit next to that guy!

Friday, January 30, 2009

McNugget've got to be kidding!

Here are the lyrics:

"Ah Baby Not Again
I Woke Up And Found You Creepin (Tip Toe Tip)
Oh Girl I Know Your Secret (You Dippin On Me?)
Got That McNuggets Lovin'
It Just Ain't Fair Why Can't You Share Your Love With Me
You Went To McDonalds?
It Just Ain't Fair Why Why Why Can't You Share Your Love With Me
Then You Dipped Dipped Dipped Dipped Dipped
It Just Ain't Fair Why Can't Why Why Why Can't You Share Your Love With Me

(Nice song, but you still ain't getting any of my..crispy..juicy McNuggets)
Girl You Got A 10 Piece Please Don't Be Stingayyy"

What it says, what it means... oh no!

Vegetables and Sex- Peta and no superbowl

Peta submitted an ad for approval to NBC for use in the Superbowl. Of course they had no intention of paying the $3 million for the ad space, but they got what they wanted..a big fat rejection and buzz and views and talk..I just don't know what to say about this one

From NBC, "The PETA spot submitted to Advertising Standards depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who knew there was a rat in the Viagra! Be afraid!

Pfizer says they are concerned for men. What's the problem? Well, they say that knock-off version of viagra that men may be purchasing over the internet may be harmful to their health. So Pfizer produced this over the top cinema ad to put a little fear into those amorous men.

On their site Pfizer explains that they made a realistic rat out of sponge that the actor had to shove in his mouth. They explain how real rats were also used but make sure to mention that no rats were sacrificed for the cause; they were already dead. You can see the making of the ad here The Making of the Pfizer Rat ad

Will it work? From most of what I've read on fear, over the top doesn't work if it is too scary. What works is a medium fear that gives a solution. What it has done though is raise the issue in a way that will create buzz...and buzz today goes a long way.

Talking about my g..g..generation

This week in class we were talking about motivation. How do marketers motivate us to buy their products and then become part of their big happy family. One way is to show affiliation- how the product makes you part of a desired group. Pepsi has been doing it for years. Their latest really takes us through the different g...g..generations!

A little nostalgia for everyone. Just a reminder though- one can has about 8 teaspoons of sugar. If you have a can hanging around and you don't want to drink it, pop a cup in the toilet bowl, let sit for a bit and no need for Mr Clean.

Here's the commercial slotted for the Superbowl. Dylan and Will.I.Am..more nostalgia and rebel, rebel

Pepsi as the rebel kinda funny... Stuart Elliot reports, "In reality, the Pepsi-Cola parent, PepsiCo, was led at the time by Donald Kendall, a friend of Richard M. Nixon’s, and the soft drink was considered the Republican soda."

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Cult of Snuggie

"In a godless and cold world, there is but one place to seek warmth and salvation!" screams the parody. Launched last October, over four million sold with a waiting list, $40 million in sales, what could it be?

You've seen it, but if you are anything like me you can't believe it. The economy is tanking, and pretty much where ever you are these days it's crazy cold. North America is in need of cheap comfort. It's the Snuggie! This strange tacky product that looks like something out of a monastery, or devil cult seems to have hit a soft spot. It's reached pop culture fame with over 200 parody videos on YouTube. The cameras even caught one woman wearing one at Obama's inauguration.

Scott Boilen, president of Allstar Marketing Group, Hawthorne, N.Y says, "It's a tremendous value in today's tough economic times....In this type of economy, people are looking for a value, and this is certainly a value at the price point. ... People are staying home more, and it makes them feel good."

The ad even claims it's a way to cut heating bills- get two and a book light for just $19.95. Enjoy the original commercial and a parody.

Stay snuggly and warm at a sporting event!

It's the Cult of Snuggie

Sometimes tacky ad sells tacky product..what does it say?

I'll stick with my blanket!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What women want- what men want?

Heineken's Amsterdam agency TBWA/Neboko have produced one of the most watched commercials on Youtube. Up less than three weeks, it has over 3 million hits and it's not even in English. It doesn't need to be- the stereotypes are universal.

What it says..what it means? Woe is us!

Nicoclean- Now here's a face cream- yikes

TO Streetwalkers-"We bring the Topic, where the topic is hot"

If you've been walking a little bit north of GBC, say Jarvis between Gerrard and Carlton, you might have seen these women walking on our snowy streets with signs posing the question, "Should prostitution be legal?"

Apparently CFRB wants to talk, and it wants us to notice and talk about their latest guerrilla campaign.

The campaign is an example of
place-based, or ambient advertising, advertising that reaches prospects wherever they happen to be--preferably in the right environment to be receptive to the message. According to Melita Kuburas of Media In Canada, "In case you were wondering, the street walkers were paid, and they were asked to set their own wages."

The creative director of the project, Martin Beauvias of Zig says, "I would call that micro-media. You get to talk to 1,000, 5, 000, maybe 10,000 people, but the spirit of the campaign is, we bring the topic where the topic is hot."

Frankly, these days if there is anything that can heat up Toronto, I'll be happy.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good things come to those who wait.

In the early 1900's when every beer company was claiming their beer to be pure, adman Claude Hopkins had a different approach. When he was handed the account, Schlitz beer was ranked at number 5. His scientific approach included a visit to the brewery to watch and learn about the brewing process. Every brewer's process was pretty much the same, but who knew about the brewing process?

Hopkins believed in what is called Reason Why copy, the idea that you needed to give a consumer a reason to buy your product. While others proclaimed their beer was pure, Hopkins told the story of how Schlitz was purified and he proclaimed the bottles were, "Washed with live Steam!" In no time Schlitz sales skyrocketed.

Hopkins' approach became known as the "preemptive claim," one that established a product's uniqueness. It didn't have to really be unique, but if you claimed it first, it was yours.

Hopkins took something that every company did and made it his selling feature. But what about when your consumers perceive a product as having some kind of problem. Can you make that problem an asset?

Well, yes you can. A little spin and some creative ads will do it.

In the early 90s Guinness was facing losses in Pubs. The times had changed and no one had time for the long wait for the head of a Guinness to settle. Cue the spin doctors to spin a tale of the virtue of "The Wait"

They told us it takes 119.53 seconds to pour a pint and that there is a right way to pour one. They created a ritual, a story, a reason why you should wait for a Guinness. We are creatures of habit, and rituals may just reassure us in an uncertain world.

The ad above cleverly places the different glasses to show the evolution of the wait. Even more effective are the numerous ads that extol the virtue of the wait.

Check out the Tipping Point

And if you want to see how they made the commercial, see
The Making of the 20 Million dollar Tipping Point commercial.

On the subject of waiting, this week was an important one, one that many of us have waited 8 long years for- CHANGE! Good things come

Monday, January 19, 2009

No Whoppers today!

Just eight days after the launch of the sacrifice 10 Facebook friends for a Whopper campaign, the Whopper Sacrifice application has been disabled by Burger King.

According to Facebook, they did not shut the application down. They required Burger King "to remove its functionality for violating users’ expectations of privacy. Normally, no notification is sent when a user removes a friend on Facebook. However, the Whopper Sacrifice application posted a feed story letting others know the friend was being sacrificed for a Whopper before finalizing the removal."

However, the Burger King Web site continues to blame Facebook., says, “Facebook has disabled Whopper Sacrifice after your love for the Whopper sandwich proved to be stronger than 233,906 friendships.”

If you were dumped or if you want to rant you can always send one of Burger King's angry grams or just visit to watch an angry Burger rant.

Has Burger King got anything to rant about? Hardly

In eight days 82,771 people dumped 233,906 friends, each of whom received notice that they were worth only 1/10th of the cost of a Whopper-- about 37 cents. The campaign and it's cancellation were widely covered in newspapers and of course social networks.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Porn industry seeks own stimulus- What's in a Headline?

Is it me or are some headlines just too funny for words? Recently MSNBC featured this headline, "Porn industry seeks own stimulus...package: Adult industry titans say economy has made Americans go limp."
OK so now the porn industry is going through hard times and is asking for a $5 billion bailout because "the economy has made America's appetite for sex go limp."

What's in a headline or a subject line?

A lot- I admit, I did go read this story. With a headline like that I had to.
It reminds me of subject lines in spam. Sometimes some are just so funny you almost want to click them but you know better. My all time favorite has to be this one, "Grow an Anaconda in your pants" It's just so ridiculous but, I admit it- it cracks me up just thinking about it.

What will you sacrifice for a free burger?

Once upon a time there was Subservient chicken where we could tell a chicken what to do and where to go. Behind this subservient chicken of course was Burger King who were trying to tell us that we could have it our own way.

My favorite was the meme spawn Subservient President created by MoveOn. Oh what fun to make the president do things as if he were our own subservient chicken. But alas subservient president disappeared. Burger King still has their subservient chicken online.

But what has Burger King been up to lately?

Well, would you believe they are trying to to get themselves into your Facebook? They have created a Facebook application called the "Whopper Sacrifice."

All you need to do to get a coupon for a free Whopper is sacrifice 10 friends by removing them from your friends list. It will even display for all to see on your feed who you sacrificed for your free Whopper. I suppose if you are a young starving student with hundreds of Facebook friends, you might consider dropping a few. How would you feel being sacrificed for a burger?

Sorry fellow Canucks, no sacrificing friends for Whoppers in Canada.....yet! But here's something for you Go back to and try a few of these out on old Subservient. According to Wikipedia:

"There is also an easter egg in the program: if you type Crispin, the company name, into the box, the creators, will pop out from behind a sofa and walk off.

When told to perform sex acts, take off his mask, or do anything the Subservient Chicken considers offensive, the chicken walks up to the camera and shakes a scolding chicken finger in disappointment. When told to eat food from rival fast food chain McDonald's, he approaches the camera and places his finger down his throat, when told to eat Burger King he has a more positive response. If he is told to 'join PETA', he performs the same action as when a 'dizzy' command is typed in. The chicken responds to the command "smoke" by smoking, but when told to "smoke a bong" he waggles his finger scoldingly. If told to "choke" he attempts to strangle himself. When commanded to do anything with the word "me" in it, he approaches the camera and looks at you, turning his head a few times. When told to take off his costume, the chicken shows that he is stuck inside his costume.
When "taco bell" is typed in he performs a dance with a lady in a red jumper who appears from besides the camera."

Sick of the chicken? Try asking Stewie of Family Guy to do a thing or two.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Rose Petals - Cans of Smokeless Tobacco -What's the dif?

Once a sacred place, advertising space is now available on the front page of the New York Times for between $75,000 and $100,000 depending upon the day. Some would say it's because newspapers are becoming more flexible, but the truth is there is a serious advertising slump and newspapers and magazines are hurting. It's about Stayin Alive.

We have seen user generated content online and on TV, but who'd have thought Playboy would be using it. Their January edition celebrates Playboy's 55th anniversary and the 75th anniversary of Skoal.

Yeah Skoal- smokless tobacco. Twelve pages and the back cover are dedicated to advertorial content gathered from Skoal's site It includes jokes and of course the best looking Skoal models of the past.

Where once there were rose petals now there are cans of Skoal!

How romantic--NOT!!

Mouth Cancer- No kidding...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Virgin: Selling Sex and Nostalgia

The fashions have changed, the technology has changed, but what about the message?