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Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Zealand News Website Stuff- Employees be warned!

Watch out reporters at Stuff, the New Zealand news and entertainment website. Break the news first or it's over the balcony with you!

In a stunt to garner word of mouth, a reporter was pushed over a balcony and hung by his feet as a banner unrolled with the words, "If our team don't break stories first, there are consequences."

Of course it was as stuntman and not a reporter, and people gathered around to snap photos.

In another stunt Stuff pinned one of its reporters to a billboard and supplied rotten tomatoes for passers-by to throw at the poor reporter.

Let's just hope some of the desperate shrinking newspapers don't get ideas and go all copycat.

Skinny Blonde- The more you drink the nuder she gets

Using new ink technology, an Australian beer company has come out with a new and controversial concept. Skinny Blonde, a low carb beer, features a 50s style pin-up named Daisy. The more you drink and the warmer she gets the more nude Daisy gets.

According to Shannon Deery of the Australian Herald Sun, "A NEW beer that promises to leave drinkers holding a naked woman before they finish the last drop has been labelled dangerous and sexist."

The Skinny Blonde Six pack to the left.

On the website viewers can choose their favourite Skinny Blond to undress. Needless to say, health and women's groups have called for a ban of Skinny Blonde beer.

The website proudly features links to all the controversial press. Skinny Blonde - Getting press through controversy.

It's the 50s...

Australian Flashdance- Beer

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coors Slams Toronto People- BC billboard

They are picking on us again.

This Coors ad running on billboards in BC with an official Olympics logo is meant to get media attention.

According to Petti Fong in the Toronto Star, "Making fun of Toronto is a unity issue that ties together everyone who doesn't live there, a strategy that has been used for years."

Go ahead-so cold we don't care, I guess.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I know the Cadbury Secret without Modern Dance

The Cadbury Caramilk Secret Revealed through Modern Dance and then the TRUTH

I've been seeing this commercial for a little while now. We talk about the Cadbury secret in Psychology of Consumer Behaviour when we are talking about culture and myths and rituals. Marketers love to create a mystery..but what is the truth? How do they get the caramel in the middle?

If you don't want to know stop reading now!

    "First of all, some chocolate is poured inside a dome-shaped mould, making the top of the Caramilk bar. After which comes the moment of truth: The caramel is simply added on top of the mould. But how come it doesn’t mix with the chocolate, since they are both liquid? Well, it’s simply because the caramel is solid, not liquid. The caramel is basically sugar, that’s been treated to become thick and brownish. So, caramel is simply sucrose. In its natural state, sucrose is solid, and it is made of two components: glucose and fructose. Both ingredients are normally liquid, but then become solid when they are mixed together. But, still, the caramel inside the bar is truly liquid, no doubt about this. So, how come the caramel is solid when it is put together in the factory, and then becomes liquid when you eat it?
    Here’s the great secret about Caramilk: a natural enzyme is added to the caramel. This enzyme, which is found in fruits, is capable of breaking the sucrose into liquid by decomposing it into glucose and fructose. So that’s it! The enzyme is known to take effect after a given period of time, so that the caramel is solid when it is in the factory and then becomes liquid when it finally gets inside your mouth. "

    Source: Mind Magazine

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Haka! Rugby War Dance Derivatives

Here's how it starts Haka War Dance Rugby

The Gingerbread men take hold

The Job seekers STVjobs get in on it

Purity Organic- Why is Ranting and Swearing so funny?

I don't know why it makes me laugh...but it does.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Olympus Pen where it comes from

Looks lovely

Where it comes from..the sound of off

See more on this story here

Back Hair on the Beach

Seen on a Vancouver Beach

creepy...but maybe effective.