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Sunday, July 25, 2010

He Came, he Saw and he Conquered-Old Spice Guy

He was a success when he was just in a commercial but when he hooked up with Twitter and Facebook and other social nets and answered specific questions, he went intergalactic. Here he says good bye...he's off to search for the answers to the Bermuda Triangle and of course he remains ridiculously handsome!

According to Jeff Neff of Ad Age, "Mr. Mustafa's 186 highly publicized personalized response videos earlier this month, which generated more than 34 million aggregate views and a billion PR impression in a week, according to P&G. In a single week, views of the personalized ads surpassed the nearly 29 million viral video views of Mr. Mustafa's four TV ads since February.

As of July 18, Old Spice, with 94 million views, had become the No. 1 all-time most-viewed sponsored channel on YouTube, Mr. Norton said. Old Spice had eight of the top 11 most-popular videos on YouTube on July 16. In the six days following the start of Mr. Mustafa's personalized videos, he reached more than 100 million followers." ( )

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