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Sunday, January 25, 2009

TO Streetwalkers-"We bring the Topic, where the topic is hot"

If you've been walking a little bit north of GBC, say Jarvis between Gerrard and Carlton, you might have seen these women walking on our snowy streets with signs posing the question, "Should prostitution be legal?"

Apparently CFRB wants to talk, and it wants us to notice and talk about their latest guerrilla campaign.

The campaign is an example of
place-based, or ambient advertising, advertising that reaches prospects wherever they happen to be--preferably in the right environment to be receptive to the message. According to Melita Kuburas of Media In Canada, "In case you were wondering, the street walkers were paid, and they were asked to set their own wages."

The creative director of the project, Martin Beauvias of Zig says, "I would call that micro-media. You get to talk to 1,000, 5, 000, maybe 10,000 people, but the spirit of the campaign is, we bring the topic where the topic is hot."

Frankly, these days if there is anything that can heat up Toronto, I'll be happy.

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