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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What will you sacrifice for a free burger?

Once upon a time there was Subservient chicken where we could tell a chicken what to do and where to go. Behind this subservient chicken of course was Burger King who were trying to tell us that we could have it our own way.

My favorite was the meme spawn Subservient President created by MoveOn. Oh what fun to make the president do things as if he were our own subservient chicken. But alas subservient president disappeared. Burger King still has their subservient chicken online.

But what has Burger King been up to lately?

Well, would you believe they are trying to to get themselves into your Facebook? They have created a Facebook application called the "Whopper Sacrifice."

All you need to do to get a coupon for a free Whopper is sacrifice 10 friends by removing them from your friends list. It will even display for all to see on your feed who you sacrificed for your free Whopper. I suppose if you are a young starving student with hundreds of Facebook friends, you might consider dropping a few. How would you feel being sacrificed for a burger?

Sorry fellow Canucks, no sacrificing friends for Whoppers in Canada.....yet! But here's something for you Go back to and try a few of these out on old Subservient. According to Wikipedia:

"There is also an easter egg in the program: if you type Crispin, the company name, into the box, the creators, will pop out from behind a sofa and walk off.

When told to perform sex acts, take off his mask, or do anything the Subservient Chicken considers offensive, the chicken walks up to the camera and shakes a scolding chicken finger in disappointment. When told to eat food from rival fast food chain McDonald's, he approaches the camera and places his finger down his throat, when told to eat Burger King he has a more positive response. If he is told to 'join PETA', he performs the same action as when a 'dizzy' command is typed in. The chicken responds to the command "smoke" by smoking, but when told to "smoke a bong" he waggles his finger scoldingly. If told to "choke" he attempts to strangle himself. When commanded to do anything with the word "me" in it, he approaches the camera and looks at you, turning his head a few times. When told to take off his costume, the chicken shows that he is stuck inside his costume.
When "taco bell" is typed in he performs a dance with a lady in a red jumper who appears from besides the camera."

Sick of the chicken? Try asking Stewie of Family Guy to do a thing or two.

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