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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I know the Cadbury Secret without Modern Dance

The Cadbury Caramilk Secret Revealed through Modern Dance and then the TRUTH

I've been seeing this commercial for a little while now. We talk about the Cadbury secret in Psychology of Consumer Behaviour when we are talking about culture and myths and rituals. Marketers love to create a mystery..but what is the truth? How do they get the caramel in the middle?

If you don't want to know stop reading now!

    "First of all, some chocolate is poured inside a dome-shaped mould, making the top of the Caramilk bar. After which comes the moment of truth: The caramel is simply added on top of the mould. But how come it doesn’t mix with the chocolate, since they are both liquid? Well, it’s simply because the caramel is solid, not liquid. The caramel is basically sugar, that’s been treated to become thick and brownish. So, caramel is simply sucrose. In its natural state, sucrose is solid, and it is made of two components: glucose and fructose. Both ingredients are normally liquid, but then become solid when they are mixed together. But, still, the caramel inside the bar is truly liquid, no doubt about this. So, how come the caramel is solid when it is put together in the factory, and then becomes liquid when you eat it?
    Here’s the great secret about Caramilk: a natural enzyme is added to the caramel. This enzyme, which is found in fruits, is capable of breaking the sucrose into liquid by decomposing it into glucose and fructose. So that’s it! The enzyme is known to take effect after a given period of time, so that the caramel is solid when it is in the factory and then becomes liquid when it finally gets inside your mouth. "

    Source: Mind Magazine

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