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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Skinny Blonde- The more you drink the nuder she gets

Using new ink technology, an Australian beer company has come out with a new and controversial concept. Skinny Blonde, a low carb beer, features a 50s style pin-up named Daisy. The more you drink and the warmer she gets the more nude Daisy gets.

According to Shannon Deery of the Australian Herald Sun, "A NEW beer that promises to leave drinkers holding a naked woman before they finish the last drop has been labelled dangerous and sexist."

The Skinny Blonde Six pack to the left.

On the website viewers can choose their favourite Skinny Blond to undress. Needless to say, health and women's groups have called for a ban of Skinny Blonde beer.

The website proudly features links to all the controversial press. Skinny Blonde - Getting press through controversy.

It's the 50s...

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