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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Positioning in Everyday Language- The Target, the competition for the target and the way to beat the competition.

A common definition says that positioning is the process used by marketers to create an image or identity in the minds of the target market.

Bob DeSena in his article On Positioning in Media Post (June 21, 2011) has an interesting take on positioning.

According to DeSena, the Dennis Rodman theory of positioning:

" For those who remember Rodman before the tattoos, green hair and body piercing became the story, he was the rebounding champion for the National Basketball Association for seven years in a row. While it was a great record on its own, the fact that he was 6' 6" in height (although listed at 6' 8") and 50 pounds lighter than the NBA giants with whom he was competing, made it even more remarkable.

Rodman did it by understanding his target (specifically studying where the ball would likely come off the rim for the various shooters), understanding his competition for that target (Shaquille and other big men and their strengths and weaknesses), and developing a sustainable competitive advantage for beating them (anticipation and speed). In short, he was a master of positioning. Really understanding those three elements -- your target, your competition for that target, and a way to beat the competition -- are the keys in basketball, in selling cars or in selling a personal brand for political gain."

Image Flickr by Open Sports

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