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Monday, March 9, 2009

Fellas- Swaggerize Yourselves!

Time was when Old Spice was purely for that old fella in your life like your dad or grandpa. A young guy wouldn't consider it. It was old. Along came Axe and a new generation who knew nothing of 'old' Old Spice. A few racy ads here and there and there's competition for Axe.

Now guys have you ever googled your name and come out with nothing, nada, zip? Well Old Spice has an answer for you.

Visit their site Swaggerize Me and a cool looking guy greets you with,
  • "When you search for yourself online, would you like to see yourself show-up more than zero times? Unfortunately it doesn’t because you’re just a normal boring guy who’s boring and normal. When a man of swagger searches for himself online the result is page after page of safari journals, shark punching contests, part nude photos spreads and love letters from Swedish people. If only you’d been using Swagger from Old Spice you’d know what I was talking about. Let me show you. Get ready to generate fake online articles that make you look awesome."
Customize your online swagger from one to ten, with five dials: Goodlookingness, Golden heartedness, Strongliness, Celebrityhood and Genuismanship.

Add your name, facebook address and photo and soon you'll receive a message from Swagger thanking you for the info and saying," You're one click away from inventing healing vaccines and flying stealth helicopters."

Once you verify your email you'll be taken to sites that tell about your authorship of books, and wild scientific discoveries.

Fabrications, untruth and lies what do they smell like? Old Spice

...Vanity with smell!

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