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Friday, June 24, 2011

Move over Millennials- It's Z time

The oldest Millennials or Gen Y'ers are now 31. It's time to think about the up and coming Gen Z! Born between 1992/1994 and 2004/2010, they are the true digital natives. According to Ethan Lyon of In Generation Z Stats, they are, "coming of age publicly on the web." Their defining characteristics
  1. Speed Demons- a generation that has grown up on instant gratification with instantaneous Google answers- Age of AADD-Acquired Attention Deficit Disorder- On Demand is the New Normal
  2. Community Organizers and Curators- Born social through social nets befriending and interacting- Key Behaviours: Share, Express and Consume
  3. Open Books-Personal information is shared with little thought to privacy
  4. Micro Miners-Information broken down and condensed- think tumblr and twitter
  5. Self-publishing

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