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Friday, April 17, 2009

Adbusters One Flag Competition

Adbusters challenged designers everywhere to create a flag that embodies the idea of global citizenship.

Here's the winner by Marc Arroyo Ortiga and his words:

"I’m from a minority nation submitted to a flag that I don’t feel, but they say it has to be mine. With this the concept of a meaningful flag changes completely and becomes a symbol of oppression. Because of this, I don’t like flags in general. For this reason the idea of creating one was personally very challenging. A flag for the idea of global citizenship, free from any establishment or language.

First I thought that a flag can’t achieve this project. It has too much symbolism in itself. It shouldn’t be a flag. But maybe, it should be a flag that doesn’t need to be a flag. It needs to be a kind of spirit that people all over the world know and understand in their own way."
Marc Arroyo Ortiga, Berlin, Germany

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