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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Improv Everywhere -Best Funeral Ever?

Now I love Improv Everywhere. I love Frozen in Grand Central Station, and I love when they all dressed in Khaki pants and blue T-shirts and went into a Best Buy and hung around, but going to a funeral of someone with only a few mourners to make it the best funeral ever?

I have to admit I was sucked is April fools day..thank goodness!

What is the best about this prank?

News station CW 11 thought it was a real April Fools prank but didn't get that the family were fake too! Check out their newscast.

CW 11 News Falls for Fake Improv Everywhere April Fool's Mission - For more funny movies, click here

Update: News Station CW11 claimed copyright infringement of the video of their newscast and Youtube pulled the video. Seems they don't want the world to know how they made such a silly mistake. Interestingly, the television station did not request permission to use the YouTube clips from Improv Everywhere on their telecast! (The above clip is posted from metacafe)


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