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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Powerpoint Under Attack-Slidervertising!

The university market is traditionally a tough market to reach. University and college students don't watch much television; they are busy with school and fun. But they can be reached online, and they are sometimes not adverse to a little mischief.

How does a coffee company get students to not only drink more coffee but promote it to their classmates?

Enter Amsterdam's CoffeeCompany who've found a way to infiltrate Powerpoint!
It started with word of mouth buzz from the company's Baristas spilling the beans to students about the company's new website FreeCoffee4Students

All students have to do is upload one of CoffeeCompany's powerpoint slides and include it in one of their class presentations and presto- 10 free coffees! Like the slide above the slides look like coffee-stained napkins that reflect a blatant sell with a bit of humour.

From their website:
"Students, we know you're broke. We also know you like to wait till the night before to start your presentation. That's OK. You just need more coffee. ..So we're gonna give you 10 small coffees. We sponsor you. Just download one of these slides. Put it into your presentation. Have somebody in class take a picture or video of this slide...upload here."

The slides: "Drink Coffee Copy from Wikipedia'" "This next slide took me 4 cups of coffee to write" "I finished this presentation at 4 in the morning thanks to CoffeeCompany"

Amy Corr of Media Post reports, "Apparently some teachers are not thrilled about the slidevertising tactic and have banned them in their classrooms."


Watch the reaction or non reaction during this presentation.

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