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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Splitting the Millennials Green-ness and price

Generate Insight has just released a survey on the Millennial generation's perceptions of Green products. The generation aged 13-29 is well educated on the issues and 79% believe it's important for companies to be green and give back to the environment.

However when the 13 -17 age group was polled whether they would choose a more expensive green brand over a cheaper non green brand, 71% chose the cheaper brand. About 64% of the older group 18-29 reported they would choose the more expensive green brand.

In general, the Millennials wanted to be green but didn't want a brand choice to take too much effort or too much time. They wanted things clear, simple and not expensive.

Don't we all!

Source: Source: GenerateInsight, April 2009

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