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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Downfall of Capitalism from The Financial Adviser!

From what I'm hearing and reading fewer people are making contributions to their RRSPs. That was evident when I went into the bank one afternoon last week. I waited about five minutes before a nice young financial adviser met with me.

He asked if my accountant had sent me. I replied, "I am my accountant." Anyhow he went through the usual questions and went about the task. He noted that he thought I had too much money in a bank account and that really I should think of investing it to get higher interest. He was taken aback when I told him,"I don't really want to make more money, "and that "everything isn't about more money, more money."

After a little bit of discussion, he decided I wasn't insane afterall and he started chatting probably in a much different way than he ever had with a client. He talked about the country he was from and about the state of the world and how he saw the downfall of capitalism. It was getting later in the day and he had no more customers so it was easy for some real think to fall out.

As he unlocked the bank door to let me out I had to smile. Imagine your financial adviser really levelling with you and spouting anti-capitalist have to love that!

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