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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Recession themes on TV - Evil corporations, new careers and fun for unemployed

It looks like TV land is taking on the recession in theme. Newly proposed shows include "Canned" where a group of friends are all fired on the same day (fun, fun, fun!) and "Waiting to Die" is about a pair of slackers.

The makeover shows are already talking about selling in a recessionary market.

In the TV series "Breaking Bad" the main character (seen to the right) suffering from cancer desperately takes on career of meth-maker to support his family.

Other shows demonize evil corporations with a little paranoia drama. In "The Dollhouse" minds of living dolls are stripped and programmed. How about a little evil human experimentation and gore? Try "Fringe" where in one recent show a guy mysteriously is transformed into a scary giant porcupine.
It seems we can laugh at the silly antics of the unemployed, fear our future careers as managers of a meth lab or be afraid be very afraid about being programmed or worse still ending up as giant porcupines.

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