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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Mother of all Funk Chords--Thru-You

Social media is "creating the zeitgeist." Can you make art out of a few seconds of someone? I guess that concept is not new. Artists have long taken a piece of this or that and put it together in a different way. It was Warhol who recognized the art in a soup can and proclaimed that in the future, everyone would be famous "for fifteen minutes."

But who would have guessed that mashing up everybody and everything could be done by just about anyone.

The latest mash up making the rounds by an Israeli funk musician named Kutiman takes instructional and jazzy video clips from YouTube mashes them together into a remixed funk band. The results don’t sound like a typical mashup. It's almost as if it's a real band.

What it says--What it means --The future is CopyLeft

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