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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh My Gawd Don't Let My Plants on Twitter

Thanks to researchers at New York University, your plants will be able to use twitter to send you messages about their trials and tribulations. The system is called Botanicalls

Here's how it will work:

"Once the kit is assembled, connect it to the Internet through the built-in ethernet jack, jam the leads into the plant's soil, and subscribe to the plant's twitter feed. It will tell you when it needs watering, or scold you if you've overwatered it, and report its status in between."

The device's co-creator Kate Hartman says your plants Twitter messages can be personalized to you or your type of plant. Her plant Pothos even has over 2000 of it's own followers.

Now many of us may have long suspected that our plants have feelings. I know mine would have a nasty thing or two to say to me if they had the energy. So when I hear this news, I'm going to have to keep this little gem to myself lest they start asking questions and have a want to start a twitterin.

It wouldn't be pretty.

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