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Monday, March 30, 2009

It's a Fake World - Elvis fans all shook up

Elvis fans are all a twitter over their King's portrayal. The New York Fries fake Elvis ad recently appeared in the Regina Sun and it seems the president of the "I'll Remember You Elvis Fan Club" lives in Regina and believes they have infringed on the "boundaries acceptable to him."

The campaign, "Real Fries in a Fake World'" is intending to show moms that New York Fries use real potatoes.

This ad was intended to be less offensive than the ones that started running last summer.

For your viewing pleasure here are the others.

Fake wrestlers, fake boobs, fake hair and botoxed cougar and fake Elvis.

Buzz from upset Elvis fans-priceless!

1 comment:

WallyWhale said...

I think the botoxed cougar is supposed to be a fake leopard skin.