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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alpo says Enough of the Metrosexual Dogs

OK, I admit it, in the past I have had occasion to dress my dog up. You see here Spot wearing a Rude Dog T-shirt. It was my boyfriend's T-shirt and he was off on the road, so Spot kindly donned his wardrobe.

It was a different day, my dog Dax would never ever have any part of such kind of nonsense, being the man's man that he his.

And I guess Alpo would say he's their kind of dog.

Their recent campaign features pictures of dog's in less than manly poses- in dresses, pampered in a spa or attacked by a cat some on LOST posters! They're lost and Alpo wants them to be helped all by a little of that manly chow-Alpo. There's a website too where you can put your dog to the test to see how Alpoian he is.
And to increase your involvement, there's a gallery where you can post a picture of your pet dressed up.

OK, I posted a pic of Spot. You'll see my Spotty in the Photo Gallery...I feel so proud..tee hee..Dog lovers are suckers for these things.

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