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Friday, February 6, 2009

Blog for boobs!

The Swedish media world is abuzz with the news that Swedish bloggers were offered free beauty enhancements, Restalyne injections or new boobs, if they wrote positive stories about the products over a year long period.

While some bloggers were outraged by Q-Med's offers, others took them up on the offer.
Sweden's The Local reports, "Model and blogger Johanna Trenck went so far as to post a YouTube clip on her blog showing her on an operating table getting Restylane injected into her upper lip."

The blogger has no problem with the free perk from Q-Med and doesn't see why she should have mentioned it to her readers. She tells The Local, What’s free is good. My readers are interested in stuff like this and if Q-Med invites me to test their products for free, it doesn’t matter.”

However, the editor of the site she blogs for disagrees with the practice. Suddenly Q-Med is condemning the offer saying that the initiative was not well thought out.

I wonder if that means they now want their boobs back?

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