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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Anthropomorphism-Animals more human than me

In today's world, it's common that the good celebrity spokesperson for a brand can go from great to terrible in an instant. Kellogg's Michael Phelps sucking on a Bong and, Doublemint Gum's Chris Brown being arrested for allegedly beating pop star girlfriend Rhianna are two recent examples. That's why the Energizer Bunny keeps going and going and the Pillsbury Dough Boy may get poked or spattered by an explosion of Pizza Pops but he's good as gold.

Last week when Australia was burning and people were dying what was the endurable image? The Koala bear being rescued and fed by the Firefighter. The Koala now has a name- Sam.

And wouldn't you know it Sam- now Samantha finds love with Bob another Koala in care.

We humans seem to have an innate capacity to project human characteristics on non human creatures or inanimate objects. It's anthropomorphism of course and evidence from art and artifacts suggest it dates back to ancient times and is closely associated with fables and the art of storytelling. So it's logical that these animated characters and humanized animals appear in advertising to tell the fable of how brand x is our saviour.

But isn't it interesting that the anthropomorphized little animal can move us more than any human could. My students and I were moved by this one

What it Says- What it Means? Forget the humans, we've got to save the animals!

Happy Valentine's day little animals around the world!

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