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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Scrambling for your trust- Catch me if I fall-- Gecko, "Oh dear."

Who doesn't love the Geico Gecko? He's cute, he's funny and he's got attitude. In these financial times, though cute and funny may not be enough.

With financial companies dropping like flies, customers want to know who is going to be around when the dust settles. So if the Gecko has to don a pair of specks to give you some straight talk, he's prepared.

But you know he's going to do it with flair. In a series of print ads, he gets down to business with a little humour of course.

“Presenting a straightforward and serious talk about the nation’s third-largest car insurance company,” the headline on one print ad reads. “From a spokesman who’s not wearing any pants.”

The tone in the newspaper ads is a lot more serious than the TV commercials of course. These are all about trust and the Gecko is being coached on how to instill it all the while he's up to the usual antics.

Geico Gecko spends a dollar

Geico asked to play catch in Trust exercise

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