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Friday, February 20, 2009

You know you're in trouble when the Spam-i-dex is Rising

OK everybody's talking about the signs that the economy is in trouble. There's the Lipstick effect that says women's guilty pleasure in tough financial times is lipstick. And there's the hemline theory that says skirt lengths either go up or down depending on the economy. Well here's my offering- The Spamidex.
What is the Spamidex saying?

From the Toronto Star today,
" Hormel Foods Corp. reported a higher-than-expected first-quarter profit as recession-hit consumers turned to its Spam meat and Dinty Moore stews, and it affirmed its full-year outlook, sending its shares up more than 5 per cent."

Miracle Meat to the rescue!

Now for your recession viewing pleasure a little Python and a little Al

Monty Python Spam Spam Spam

Weird Al Spam

"If there's some left use it for spackle or bathroom grout"

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