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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sheeeeeeep! Mr and Mrs Potato Head do stereotype

Most fans say the Super Bowl game couldn’t have been better. But most ad analysts agree the big game’s ads were disappointing, generating fewer laughs than usual and playing things much safer than past years. They say it reflects the downbeat mood of the country as economic woes grow. There was the horrible Cash4Gold ad too. Imagine in the big old money pit that is the Superbowl an ad telling you how to get some quick cash by selling your grandma's gold. OK they didn't say to sell her gold but it meant as much.
According to AdBowl the bigger winner was Bridgestone. "The tire company nabbed first and second place with “Taters,” a spot that featured Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, and “Hot Item,” where astronauts get their Bridgestones stolen from their moon crawler."

Part nostalgia and part stereotype, but I did chuckle--not sure if I will find it funny again and again though.

Moon Crawler, a little funny, but kind of one joke-joke

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