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Monday, February 9, 2009

Ovaltine- Then and Now

Time was when Ovaltine pitched their brand directly to kids. Radio shows like Little Orphan Annie (1931–1940) and Captain Midnight (1938–1949) were sponsored by Ovaltine. Kids could save proofs-of-purchase from Ovaltine jars to send away for a "secret decoder ring," badge or pin to decode messages in the program. In consumer behaviour we call this involvement. Having the giveaways is key to the show and key to being a part of the Club. Kids then might remember that "Ovaltine" is an anagram for "Vital One". In the 50s, TV characters did the same thing. Here's a series of the promos Captain Midnight used to tell kids the right way to start the day "Ovaltine! Ovaltine!" He also flogs the special Captain Midnight Ovaltine mug made of styron plastic.

Step one: " First, get your mother to buy you a jar of Ovaltine"

Today's ads target the young moms directly with Opera no less. Cute young kids scowl, push away, spit out, turn down, flip over and and abuse their healthy carrots, peas, and broccoli. "Baby corn and carrots are not for me!"

So moms, give up the vegetables and give them sugary Ovaltine.

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